This is really a “FUN DAY” when all IBAK Members go out camping & engage in a lot of fun filled activities which is not related to Badminton.

Celebrating the year of hard work in conducting Tournaments, Coaching modules etc. The Anniversary forms a perfect occasion to relax and showcase other talents. The tagline “We also play Badminton” becomes exemplified when IBAK members and their families get together & put up a cultural display of their talents. Beginning with the first one which is Felize Viate in 2011, followed by Samyogh in 2012, Bandhan in 2013, Varnam in 2014, Kudumbam in 2015, Yatra in 2016, Parampara in 2017, Darpan in 2018 & Navaragam in 2019. The anniversary celebration is a treat to watch.

We all love a Carnival which is what Life is actually. This occasion is one of Joy and Fun. All IBAK members let their hair down and Re-create a Carnival atmosphere with Game stalls, Food stalls, Carnival shows etc.

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