* Coaching is a regular feature of IBAK to impart basic knowledge of Badminton to the participants.
* So far eight modules of the coaching had been successfully organised by IBAK till 2014.
* Coaching module of mostly two months period is organised by IBAK engaging a professional coach.
* Participants are required to attend coaching three days per week to learn basics of the game badminton and warm up exercises.
* Participants are given options of attending coaching in two batches, mostly from 5:30 to 7:30 and 7:00 to 8:30.
* The improvement in performance of each participant is monitored and recorded by coach.
* The success of coaching can be seen by looking at the names of Kuwait school badminton tournaments, where most of winners are IBAK Coaching product.
* A nominal fee is charged for coaching per month, to mitigate the expenses.
* A tournament is conducted for the participants during last week of the module, where winners and some remarkable improving participants are awarded to encourage.

IBAK Coaching Initiatives

* IBAK coaching sponsored a team of juniors sent to Bahrain along with IBAK teams to participate friendly inter club tournament.

* IBAK coaching sponsored also a team of juniors sent to Bahrain to participate in Open GCC junior tournament.

* One of junior player was recently given financial assistance to attend Badminton tournament at Malaysia.

* The coaching information is sent by emails and Facebook posts. One can see coaching activities on IBAK Coaching on Facebook.

IBAK Coaching Committee

Director Coaching

Dr. Manimara Chozhan

Asst.Director Coaching

G. Sreekumar

Secretary Coaching

Shyam Sadhwani

Coaching Committee Member

Prasad Thandachery

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